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Posted by algore on January 01, 2000 at 00:00:02


If you assume CP is right, it provides a model for consciousness studies. Even tho it's probably NOT right, I think the model is useful anyway. For explanatory purposes, I use the normal "canonical" assumptions: all particles are equally conscious; they usually live for long times; etc.

*** 0. To start, note that (of course) reality is one undivided wholeness.

The "zeroth rule of CP analysis": I can go ahead and divide (analyze, slice & dice) reality.

*** 1. Next, note that Reality evidently has two distinct parts:

"IW". Subjective Reality, or World: I, internal
"OW". Objective World: Other, Outside

The "first rule of CP analysis": there's a correspondence between IW and OW. (naturally, according to Uncertainty, the correspondence can't be entire, but that's another story)

It's convenient to think of OW as good old 3-dimensional space. Strictly speaking, all this stuff exists "NOW" only. Practically, most analysis is done using the Time Assumption.

*** 2. Now, picture the "Center of OW", or origin, as the exact center of the particle, and partition it into a series of concentric spheres:

S0: an imaginary infinitesimally small sphere at the origin.
S1: The mindon particle, "you", pictured as a sphere with a definite radius and surface.
S2: Your brain/body; the outer boundary is at your skin, or your nervous system, or similar. (not spherical, of course, but ..).
S3: An imaginary sphere encompassing everything and "everybody". Normally pictured as including the human race, but it's fluid and unclear; u can encompass all life, or just my family, my tribe, my nation, my species, my organization of any sort.

Note, this is not to say that there aren't other sensible ways to look at, and attempt to divide, the "undividable wholeness" which is reality. Every time I write down this model it comes out a bit different.

*** 3. Anyway, this break-down into objective (OW) spheres must have a correspondence internally (by the first rule). We can use the label IW1 to correspond to OW1, etc.

IW1 (or, simply, I1) is the reachable "core" of consciousness: what it feels like to be a naked particle: the basic mystical experience. This leaves room for an even "deeper" experience at "I0", which I suppose must be. I2 or IW2 (Inner World, second Sphere) is what you'd normally think of as yourself, subjectively, internally: your mind, including ego and long-term memory from the brain. I3 is the entire human race (or life, or your family, or tribe, organization etc, according to the purpose of a specific analysis) as a collective unit. This "collective mind" is imaginary: as far as I know, consciousness belongs only to the individual.

More to Come ..

Quantum Mechanics (the external behavior of a particle) is important, but only one piece of the puzzle.
"Natural Computing" analyzes how the parallel-processor-like brain funnels info to and fro the boundary of the particle.
I3, collective consciousness, includes topics like defining humanity's organization, what are its appropriate limits, etc (politics); how to extend its reach (technology); etc.

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